Khao Sok is a National Park and it’s situated in the southern part of Thailand. It belongs to the Surratani province, about 70 km south-west from Surratani Town. The national park is well known for it’s flora and fauna.

We offer several tour packages (1 day or multiple day) in Khao Sok and Cheow Lan Lake.



These are our tour packages in Khao Sok:

1 Day Khao Sok Tour

Enjoy canoeing down the Khao Sok river and  elephant trekking trough the jungl, also visit the monkeys at the monkey cave temple and many other beautiful places.
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2 Days Khao Sok

You’ll love this tour in Khao Sok! Staying at a floating hut. Listen to the sound of nature. Trekking in the forest (National Park) and enjoy night safari by boat. You’ll see many kinds of rare plants and wild animals.
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Cheow Lan Lake Discovery (2 days)

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Khao Sok & Cheow Lan Lake Discovery (3 days)

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