Thai Martial Art (Muay Thai) is the Thai cultural heritage. To see the real fight at the stadium is something you shouldn’t miss.

Bangla boxing stadium is one of the most popular for real fighting show and is located in Patong.







Friday, Sunday and Wednesday night starting around 21:00 and carrying on close to midnight. The big match is on Wednesday night.

Ticket Type Adult      Child (5-10 years old)
VIP 2,500 THB 2,000 THB
Ringside 2,000 THB 1,500 THB
Stadium 1,700 THB 1,200 THB

  * Free for children from 1-4 years old



Ticket Type Adult Child
VIP 700 THB 500 THB
Ringside 500 THB 500 THB
Stadium 400 THB 400 THB

  * The balance will be paid at the entrance gate. Please book the ticket at lease 3 hrs before the show start.



Let us book the ticket for you.



Free for all area in Phuket.